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You can either copy and paste the URL above into your browser or highlight the URL and select "Go to" I will be doing my 904 build updates by video only in the future.

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Latest picture of my 962 at the racetrack July 30th 2019, left side I'm at speed on the straight, right side I'm leading 2 Ford GT40s coming out of turn 9 at Mission Raceway Park on to the straight, we weren't racing, only doing test and practice laps, the Hewland 6 speed sequential was nice to use doing clutchless upshifts and the car ran flawlessly and sounded great, see video posted above.

For those of you who are not interested in doing much reading, you can click on the link buttons below to view pictures of my 962 on the 962 project Page or the start of my 904 project on the 904 project Page. Then there's also my For Sale Page where you might find something you can use for your own project car. And finally The Pics Page where you can see the 904 bodywork I produce from my molds.

UPDATE* August 2021* My 962 is now completed and track tested and sold, with completion will be the end of my 962 project page updates. This has been a multi year project with many stops and starts as my flow of funds came and went but while at times it was discouraging and aggravating I did manage to get this project finished and the result of this build can be seen on the last postings of my 962 project page. My 904 won't take as long to complete as I learned a lot from doing the 962 first and it is not as complicated to build as the 962. Pictured above is the most recent of my 962 at the track as well as a video of the same event. The 904 is currently back in my shop for final detail work and will be finished this year also, hopefully in time to do some racing in 2020.

Well you found the Porsche 962/904 page(s), the 962 was my favourite Porsche, and I've always had a fondness for the 904 (which is half way to being completed). For some background on myself, my name is Derek Smith and I have been working on Porsches for about 40+ years, and have owned virtually every model from the 356 to the 928 (the only water cooled Porsche that I've had). Nowadays as a hobby I limit myself to building (my own) race cars strictly for my own use. I also race the cars that I build and recently campaigned a semi-tube frame 914-6 GT-2 at the local road course (Mission, B.C.) and in the Molson Indy support race at the temporary road course in Vancouver in '94 and '95. The car was quite successful right out of the box, winning all the races entered at Mission and (almost) always being able to qualify on the pole at will. That car, (pictured below at Mission) was retired at the end of '95 and the rolling chassis was sold to end up its days racing in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. Prior to my roadrace experience I competed in Solo II competition from 1986 to 1991 with a 2.7 litre powered 914-6, that car proved to be virtually unbeatable running in the D/Mod class and resulted in three consecutive Canadian National Solo II titles and even a writeup in the March, 1990 Christophorus magazine. I had been a contract sponsored driver for BFGoodrich for eight years and all my autocross and roadrace success has been on their BFG T/A R-1 slalom or roadrace tires. Due to BFG pulling out of motorsports in Canada and the fact that they don't have the tire size that the 962 requires, I'll be using the Toyo and Hoosier R tires on my 904 on the local road course at Mission.

Derek Smith doing a victory lap at Mission R.C. and yes, I know it's not a
					962. Derek Smith in pregrid Derek Smith at Vancouver Indy race 1995
Left is a victory lap at Mission RC, middle is the only picture you'll see of me on the internet, right side is my GT2 914-6 at the Molson Indy support race in Vancouver, B.C.

While I have built aluminum monocoques for the 962, my own car is a tube (space) frame version (see below), which is identical to the monocoque version it just has different chassis construction. The tube frame of my own car is 4130 chrome moly tubing TIG welded by my chassis fabricator with 40 years experience in the aircraft industry and same experience building NHRA and SCCA chassis for road race and drag race cars. The picture below is my car completed, this car has been sold.

Finally finished!

T h e 9 6 2 R a c e c a r

As a hobby I built my own Porsche 962 (now finished) and I am currently finishing my 904 racecar build like the one pictured above, here, in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. With the exception of the wheels (BBS) note: I am now making my own wheel centres (6 spoke ala Speedline and 5 spoke) which will use the BBS 16" and 17" rim halves, brake calipres (Brembo), shocks (Bilstein), and tires, all the parts for this car are produced locally. I have constructed the aluminum monocoque as well as tube space frame (tube frame) chassis, although now I have completed a tube frame chassis for the 904. I do have drawings of the 962 chassis (tube version) as well as the plans (read aluminum patterns) for the monocoque available for purchase. These are the original factory patterns. The monocoque is constructed of 2024 T3 aircraft aluminum with a 4130 steel tubing roll cage. The complete tube frame version with a 3.2 litre Carrera engine weighs about 1800 lbs. which is less than the original turbocharged version. Considering the weight and an extremely reliable 300 horsepower this makes for a very quick club racer. This car will run in the A/SR (A/Sports Racing) class. The tube frame version proves to be slightly stiffer than the monocoque car although going up on the gauge of aluminum used on the monocoque does increase its torsional and structural rigidity considerably. The monocoque is produced using commercial aircraft airframe construction methods using AN470 rivets. The tube frame is built to SCCA GT tubeframe requirements. The windshields are aircraft polycarbonate and not lexan as lexan distorts the drivers view due to the compound curves in the windshield. All the body panels are made here in fibreglass (as were all original factory 956/962's) with some parts optionally being made in carbon fibre. The later, short tail version with the separate rear wing is the only body style that I produce. The dual plane, adjustable rear wings are made of carbon fibre or aluminum, with aluminum being the less expensive of the two. The suspension components (front uprights and hubs, rockers, a-arms etc.) are fabricated or cast and machined locally. The steering rack is a custom made steel and magnesium unit with the same ratio as the original all magnesium rack. I purchased a Lola/Hewland 6 speed sequential transaxle and have adapted it for my application. If you've read this far and are wondering if I build complete cars for sale, the answer is no. This is NOT a kit car and is not offered as such. I do however, have many extra parts and components:- monocoque patterns, bodywork, uprights etc. for anyone with the talent (and the funds) to build their own car. While these parts are not cheap serious inquiries can be sent via the e-mail link below. After some careful consideration I'm currently putting my efforts into building a tube frame 904 using original bodywork that I purchased and made molds from to produce my own body parts and upgrading the suspension with some of the parts I manufacture for the 962. I have purchased an original 904 body that was removed from a factory original 904 (the owner re-bodied it with a new fibreglass body) so I will have some pictures posted on a new page that can be accessed with the button above. I will start with pictures of the body, then the tube frame as it is built and all the suspension as I adapt it for use on the 904. I already have a 3.6 litre 993 engine and a 6 speed Hewland sequential gearbox with close ratio gears that will run (obviously) midengine in the 904.

Derek Smith

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