For something completely different, my 962 reproduction/recreation is completed and now for sale for $150k USDHere

For those of you who may be interested in undertaking their own 904 project, I do offer complete 904 bodywork for sale, please read the For Sale Page first, or the Pics Page to see pictures of the bodywork, the molds were made from a factory 904 body.

It's May 2020 and I have finally got the engine running as of April 8th, the engine hadn't been run in over 20 years and started right up once it had air, fuel and spark, the car has been reassembled, the wiring is completed and the hydraulic lines for the clutch and brakes are done and bled. there is a lot of bodywork fitting and modifying to be done as well as final painting after that. The oil tank is complete and the oil lines have been done and there is oil in the tank and engine. The main work to be done is the fitting and modifying of the bodywork to suit my car, I have had the tail section narrowed 2 inches on each side as the 4 inch widening on each side proved excessive. It's been a slow go the last few months now with the virus thing going on people are doing their social distancing which doesn't work well when you have composite work to be done on your car body. The local race season has been put on hold until August 2020 so I have more breathing room to get my car finished this year. More recent pics are below.

Latest progress video below

Just to clarify the purpose of this web page and my current build, let me say that I'm building a Porsche powered racecar that has a tube frame chassis, a Porsche 993 engine, a Hewland transaxle and Porsche 962 uprights on the suspension and I will be using a factory stock 904 fibreglass body that will be modified to my taste and purpose to fit the extensively modified suspension on this racecar. This is not an attempt to make a 904 replica or copy or kitcar. I call it a 904 because that is the bodywork I'm using to start with. (that's for the benefit of haters, critics, whankers, trolls and mouth breathers living in their mothers' basement who can't complete a sentence let alone a car build)

The front oil cooler ductwork has been welded and finished, carbon fibre headlight covers have been fitted to the openings and clekoed in place, they will be clearcoated when the car is painted Porsche Grand Prix white same as my 962. The rear tail support behind the transverse muffler has been fabricated and welded in place, it holds the bodywork away from the muffler. The shift linkage has been fabricated as well as the master cylinders mounted for the brakes and clutch. Next is mounting the oil tank then starting on the stainless exhaust.

Front ductwork for the oil cooler has been fabricated and is now ready for welding up, muffler at rear of car is mounted transversely (it is a crossflow muffler), tabs on rollbar are mounted to hold tail section in place with ball lock pins, tail support at rear of chassis will hold tail section up off the muffler and there is a aluminum plate to disperse any heat coming off the muffler and away from fibreglass tail section, similar the the GT40. The tail support at rear will also provide support for the rear wing through to the chassis. Got the remote fuel filler mounted in place and will be working on the front nose support frame and oil cooler mount and ducting as well as the mounting of the hood and of course relocating the opening for the fuel filler, I should be updating weekly if progress is being made.

Whilst waiting to take my 904 back to my fabricators (hopefully in the next month) I'm fitting the doors and door latches along with the snapvent in the drivers door, the Lexan vent window will be trimmed down from its existing size. The pics show both drivers and passengers doors cleco'd in place. Doors fit really nice right out of the molds as can be seen in the pics, doors haven't been trimmed or modified at all.

Just got the tail section back from my composite guy and we have started the widening process for the wheel wells, they have been widened 4 inches on each rear quarter. We will have to flare them out another inch and contour the front edges to blend in with the bodywork and keep a minimal gap to the edge of the tire as I don't like the look of a large space between the fender edge and tire. I don't know if it's just me but the tail section is starting to look a little GT40ish.

Today I took a couple of pics as we are starting to modify the tail section so that the wheel arches will fit the tires that I am running on the car. I bought a piece of crap 904 tail section from Vasek Polak some years back and because it's in such poor shape decided to make the modifications on it because they are so extreme and the tail isn't worth much anyway. It's full of bondo and other crap so it will work fine for the basis of my modified tail section. In the pictures below we're getting ready to make the flares 3-4" wide on each side and the rear suspension has been moved back 2" to give me a slightly longer wheelbase and I have already lengthened the tail section 2" at the front edge. I have also reduced the ground clearance on the car from 4" to 3".

New pics below show the hewland gearbox mounted to chassis at rear, 5 spoke wheel centre (BBS) of my own manufacture mounted on rear (although it's a front wheel and tire) has same outer offset so we can modify rear section for flares. Below that is pictures of drivers compartment with fuel cell cover/bulkhead designed, battery box mount made, shifter mounted, hard lines for rear brakes and clutch on left side of footwell (not yet attached with clamps), pic showing opening cut in front nose panel for oil cooler airflow. Not shown in pics is aluminum panels for chassis designed and fitted. Also engine has been moved forward .75 inches and lowered 1 inch. The rear suspension was moved back 2 inches and is ready for the pushrod with inboard shock conversion. Car is currently back in my shop until my fabricator has his new shop competed and up and running. Supposed to be 2 weeks but we'll see.

Lowered the engine and gearbox another 1/2 inch today (March 31st) so the CV joints could clear the chassis tubes on the side of the subframe. Next will be the rear suspension conversion to pushrod. Engine mount has been modified lowering the engine and moving it forward as seen in middle picture below. Transaxle has been levelled and we will be fabricating the rear transaxle mount then moving the rear suspension back 2 inches and converting to pushrod suspension and removing the current coil over shocks. Starting to make some headway today with the 904 build as the following pic shows the engine with the engine mount removed so we can modify it to have the engine sit 1 inch lower and 1/2 inch forward in the chassis, once that is done then we will fabricate the rear transaxle mount for the Hewland. After that will be the repositioning of the rear wishbones back 2 inches and then the design of the pushrod rear suspension and removal of the current coilovers. More pics to follow.

My 904 is now at my fabricators shop and I have decided to change the rear suspension from a coilover shock design to a pushrod design, I pulled the Mendeola transaxle out to get my car ready for the Hewland I will be using instead. I pulled the complete rear subframe away from the main chassis while leaving the engine attached to the main frame and unbolted the Mendeola then pulled them apart, the mendeola with the subframe. I then removed the Mendeola from the subframe and put it aside (it's now currently for sale). I then set about modifying the custom bellhousing/adapter for the Hewland to allow for the timing pickup on my 3.6 litre 993 engine to access the timing teeth on the 3.6 litre flywheel. I also have to change my clutch disk as the Hewland has different splines on the input shaft from the Mendeola. Once that is done I can bolt the Hewland to the bellhousing and refit the starter motor which has to be repositioned due to the rear subframe tubing location. The shocks you see in the pics below will be removed as I am changing to a pushrod suspension with inboard shocks and the whole rear suspension will be moved back 2 inches and outwards 1 inch on each side meaning I'll have to flare out the rear wheelwells another inch for a total of 4 inches each side. See pics below.

For those of you who don't know what a 904 is or looks like, they were produced between 1963-65 and looked like the car in the picture below which is a customers car built with my bodywork that has been finished and is currently being driven on the street.

Latest pics of my car in my shop where we will be doing the body mods starting next week. After that the car goes back to my fabricators shop for final detail welding and maybe some re-engineering (as I found some unacceptable flaws in our initial design)

Front and rear view of the current state of my 904, all the steering has been completed, the Ohlins shocks are in place as well as the brake rotors and calipres. Fuel cell is in place and will have to have a bulkhead fabricated to separate it from the drivers compartment. Battery box is located up front to help offset rear weight bias.

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