The following are some of the items that are currently available for purchase, serious inquiries (by "serious" I mean inquiries from people who realise these parts are not necessarily cheap, and can afford them) can be made by e-mailing me from the link below. This list may have items added to, or removed from, when sold, at any time.

  • ***My own 962 is now available for purchase, for 150K USD it is a very accurate reproduction and mere fraction of the cost of an original. I have posted a separate "for sale" page for the 962 with pics and details of the car, I will post a link HERE. Current pics can be seen on the 962 project page, I have taken new outdoor pics of the car now that we have nice weather. The car has all the decals applied, it has been track driven/tested, but not raced. My 962 will come with a new pair of front slicks that I would include with the car, it comes with the original BBS wheels and the newish Goodyear slicks that are pictured. I can also supply some other parts as needed or required as replacements. I will have to make room for my 904. I am now entertaining inquiries from seriously interested parties. I may give some consideration to an interesting partial trade. I can be contacted via email at the link at the bottom of this page.

  • Porsche 962 factory monocoque patterns, these are aluminum patterns that will allow you to build your own monocoque providing you have the equipment and skills to work with 2024 aircraft aluminum sheet, I built 5 monocoques using these patterns.

  • 904 fibreglass bodywork , front hood, rear tail section, rear section trunk lid, left and right side doors, dash and cockpit/front nose section. 904 rear spoiler, this piece was a factory add on to get a little more downforce on the rear of the competition 904's. It attaches to the rear lip of the tail section on the 904. All these parts are pictured on the 904 page. Please note that these are hand laid up with 2 1.5oz layers of fibreglass mat for a total of 3oz with coremat in strategic locations. If your intention is to use these for a street vehicle, you can easily add additional layers wherever you like. Also note that they are not ready for paint and will need to be prepared, sanded and primered before painting. Can be seen at the top of this page: Pics

  • Six spoke 962 wheel centres for use with 16" and 17" BBS rim halves, pictured on the 962 and 904 project pages. These are cnc'd new.

  • 962 front nose louvers, these are attached to the tops of each front wheel well and are functional as they let air escape from the wheelwell and may contribute to front end downforce. Available in fibreglass.

  • 962 steering arms, new

  • 962 steering arm spacers, new

  • 962 wheel nuts, new, left and right hand thread

  • New Yokohama slicks, medium compound, size is 12.4x25x17 suitable for the front of the 962, one pair left, these are NOS.

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